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These simple-to-use identification accessories will make you more efficient and give secure access to your premises. For example, consider a wall rack for your reception area: when visitors or service providers arrive on the premises, they leave their identification documents at reception, where they are stored in a wall rack, and receive personalized "visitor lanyards" with pre-printed badges. Upon departure, visitors give the badges back to reception and collect their ID documents. In this way, you know who is on your premises at any given time. For daily identification purposes and to increase the lifetime of access cards and time cards, consider giving your employees badge reels and rigid badge holders. Thanks to our range of solutions, you can reduce your operating costs and facilitate access to the premises for your employees.
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En 2013, Sogedex Accessories fête ses 30 ans et reste spécialisée, depuis sa création, dans l'identification des personnes. Devant la forte évolution de ce marché de l'identification, et les besoins d'une plus grande spécialisation, nous avons fait le choix de nous consacrer exclusivement au marché des accessoires et fournitures d’identification.

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